Oando PLC
Oil & Gas
Energy Resources

The Brief

To develop and produce a comprehensive exhibition booth and networking lounge that will highlight the brand, it’s position and achievements to the audience at Africa Oil Week in Cape Town.

To stand out from competition and create a visible presence at the event.

To provide an environment to conduct business with delegates

Xzibit Service Offering

  • Networking Lounge Concept and Design
  • Exhibition Stand Concept and Design
  • Project Management
  • Hospitality Management


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    Event Management
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    Activation Elements

The Strategy

Environment Design Aspects:

The idea was to create two bespoke, modern, eye-catching environments that would co-exist and showcase the company in a manner that surpassed others at the event.

The environments were a focal point and provided networking opportunities in these functional spaces. Conference delegates and clients enjoyed comfortable seating and convenient hospitality.

We used the brand’s strong, bright CI and offset elements against a neutral colour palette.The smaller exhibition area housed B2B meetings and the distribution of corporate giveaways.

Nitro Coffee Activation:

To create a point of difference, we served Nitro coffee that is served on tap making a visually appealing beverage.

Nitro coffee is cold brewed and charged with nitrogen gas to give it a rich, creamy head that is similar to draft beer making it an attractive draw card to visitors. Our friendly hostesses engaged with delegates as they served the coffee in branded cups with printed communication material.


Following on from the novelty of serving nitro coffee, the activation giveaways included branded nitro coffee labeled ‘Potion Coffee’ in a stunning bottle.

The Concept

Oando PLC Concept 3D Render

The Target Audience

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    Africa's Upstream Oil & Gas Markets
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    Oil Companies
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    Corporate Players

The Result

Oanda PLC

The Response

  • The establishment of a creative brand presence at the conference
  • An experiential networking lounge for delegates to engage
  • A hospitable environment for B2B meetings