Bains commissioned XZIBIT to create an experience inspired by the natural purity of Bains Cape Mountain Whisky. The main objective was to bring through the feeling of being rejuvenated, refocused and reconnected through a sensory experience.

The naturally pure theme was brought through by two waterfall features on either side of the exhibition stand entrance. These created a tranquil enviornment. The waterfall activation was also brought to life through the use of a waterfall projection, forming the central bar backdrop feature.

The activation was further enhanced by the display of the tasting notes featured in glass jars, which attendees were encouraged to smell, therefore embracing the essences found in Bains Whisky. These included toffee, vanilla, floral, spice, grain, wood chips and new market spirit.

Other design details included a bronze mirror backwall, copper pendant lights, a geometric sculpted bar, wooden slatted detailing as well as a beautiful chevron pattern wooden floor.

XZIBIT was also responsible for the brand activators who led the whisky tasting and pairing with charm. The overall experience was one of relaxation and rejuvenation, bringing through the Bains brand authenticity.

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