Sanlam Wealthsmiths is celebrating 100 years of business, which is a remarkable milestone and so fitting to the brand's current campaign that talks to building futures that last for generations.

We designed an activation environment that illustrates the evolution of the business and showcases key milestones into the 21st century.

The brand activation, aimed at brokers attending financial sector conferences regionally in South Africa, was designed to be interactive as well as informative. The production elements consisted of a series of abstract stacked boxes that made up the back wall of the exhibition stand with AV content to communicate current ad collateral. Visual elements told the story of bygones merging into current information and technology that is used by the business for their products and services.

As a brand marketing company, we always ensure that our clients' messages are well received and so we added a competition mechanic to complement the activation environment. Delegates answered a series of relevant questions that were fielded on iPads.

The 100-year milestone message was reinforced and an inspirational environment allowed for successful delegate engagement.

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