Are you maximizing your agency brief for the WOW factor?
posted on 14 December 2018

If you inspire us - we’ll inspire your audience!

Client briefs have a critical role to play in the creative outcome of a marketing communications project. The way that objectives are communicated result in the success of the end product…

Our goals are to provide unique interpretations for each brand project that produce a positive reaction but without all the facts it becomes a guessing game.

Time and resources may be unnecessarily wasted on a garden path journey that is not clearly defined. It is so important to have a tight brief that includes marketing objectives, allocated budget amounts and target audiences to be reached. This critical information assists the creative team in applying communication disciplines that result in successful message delivery and appropriate design of the three dimensional environment for the brand.

Research shows that briefs are best received with a combination of written and verbal communication. We believe in the benefits of personal meetings to clarify any queries and to understand the brand personality first hand. We assist our clients with a briefing document to outline key information required as well as to assist with the process of distilling the essence of the brief.

Some other pertinent facts include background information, key objectives, unique selling points and deadline dates for critical milestones.

Clients who take time and effort to provide a clearly defined brief will get a better result as agency productivity will rank high. Mutual respect develops when there is evidence that time has been taken and focused attention has been given towards the project. This is part of successful relationship building.

Sufficient budget allocation is also significant as we can determine the type of design work to be done upfront. An unconfirmed budget can result in unnecessary design time with too many reverts that could have been alleviated at the beginning of the project.

Engage with us to achieve your next marketing goal and we will guide you through the briefing process with the aim of maximizing your return on investment.

14 December 2018
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