The power of brand activations in a cluttered marketing industry
posted on 7 December 2018

Brand awareness is no longer enough of a return on investment (ROI) when it comes to achieving desired marketing goals. Marketers mostly want measurable results that translate into increased revenue for the bottom line…

Brand activations have the potential to deliver realistically if an effective strategic plan is put into place and executed. Engagement marketing is a powerful method of communication and has the ability to change and improve brand perceptions through eliciting emotional reactions from audiences.

It is said that out of the heart, the mouth speaks. No other form of marketing typically allows for a sensory experience that appeals to consumers psychologically as effectively as a brand activation. This marketing method is deemed to be far superior to one-way print media or other traditional advertising.

We enjoy planning and designing brand experiences that appeal to audiences and connect them to brands at the right time and place.
It is vital that the experience is clever, appealing so that the audience is enticed to participate. Unique ideas are part of the critical thinking process and need to be good enough to drive home key brand messages.

The right kind of environment can provide potential customers with an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ in order to reinforce the product or promote a service in a fun way to increase a client base. Having the right elements in place will determine the success of the activation and one needs a harmonious balance between budget, concept, promotional material and strong teamwork. We have sharpened our formula over our two decades of representing top brands and are passionate about realizing campaigns at the highest level.

An additional benefit of brand activations is the acquisition of marketing analytics that can provide enough data to tailor sales strategically. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools may be integrated into the campaign environment to provide the necessary reporting post event. The acquisition and conversion of this valuable data has the capability of reaching audiences faster than a sales force can using traditional methods thereby saving resource in the long run.

Engage with us for your next brand activation and we will provide you with a tailored strategy and concept presentation that will differentiate you from your competition, present your company professionally and importantly, achieve your goals.

7 December 2018
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