The benefits of professionally designed exhibition stands
posted on 3 May 2019

Exhibition stand design in South Africa has improved dramatically over the last 2 decades. We have seen a remarkable transformation from having limited options for Exhibition display stands in South Africa to world-class bespoke designs. Companies competing on the trade show floor for the same audience seriously need to consider consulting with a professional exhibition company in order to present their brand well and achieve their marketing objectives.

Exhibition stand design incorporates a combination of disciplines including industrial and interior design along with marketing principles and it helps if you have a degree in psychology for effective communication.

XZIBIT MARKETING has won numerous awards over the years for best stand designs over numerous categories of show types including: consumer, finance, wine and IT to name a few. We remain inspired by our clients to deliver environments that tick all their boxes as well as meet the criteria for good design. The benefits of professionally designed exhibition stands are endless but we also offer irreplaceable strategy that comes from our vast experience over time.

It is beneficial for our clients to consult with us regarding their exhibition needs, as our approach is not only holistic but also very detailed. The process involves skillful problem-solving ability and effective decision-making in order to realize a masterpiece. It is said that one cannot buy style and therein lays a definitive of our brand. We love to push the boundaries but always present our work professionally and with the client’s best interests at hand.

Design may be subjective but there are certain fundamental principles that should be considered. The designer’s interpretation of balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space go a long way when it comes to an interesting environment. The number one rule in exhibition design is to attract attention. You only get one chance to make a good impression and perceptions are usually made within the first 30 seconds of engagement or in the blink of an eye. We position our client’s stands attractively amongst their competitors at trade shows so that can draw attention to visitors well. Interest is always followed by attention and then the desire to interact is more appealing to the audience. As a professional exhibition company, we have acquired the skill of generating some brilliant ideas.

The idea phase of the design process is vital in setting the foundation for a great piece of work and strong concepts bring confidence to the rest of the process. We provide unique concepts for our work as we favour origination and respect the individual attributes of each brand that we work with. Each project is treated as bespoke with careful consideration to brand guidelines and the marketing goals of the business.

Once the concept is final, the actual design work starts with great attention to detail and the other elements of design are considered: colour, line, point, shape, texture, space, form and harmony. Theory is one thing but as a professional exhibition stand service provider we are able to recommend the most suitable layouts and ergonomics for a temporary space. It is important to understand how business dealings will be conducted during the trade fair as flow and function should be comfortable. Once the floor plan is finalized the other layers are added to complete the design. This process often feels like Picasso adding colour to a clean canvass. Our suggestions always includes best practice on brand.

Technical design follows suit as to dream is bliss but best we make it work. XZIBIT MARKETING is strong in technical resolution and we work closely with production in order to realize the final design accurately. The procurement of suitable materials and oversight of the production process is very important in the final stage of the design process.

At the end of the day it is beneficial to contract with a team that is qualified and experienced in this specialist industry. We save our clients time, provide sufficient resource and the expertise that we bring to a project adds true value to the exhibition experience.



3 May 2019
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