Trade show displays as an exhibition option
posted on 6 May 2019

The age-old debate of whether to invest in a custom exhibition stand or a trade show display is still a point of discussion. It is wise to evaluate your objectives and whether they can be attained with trade show booth displays.

As an alternative to larger exhibits, there are a variety of portable exhibition products available for trade fair displays. These products mainly serve as a backdrop to the exhibition space and provide a branding solution to the exhibitor. The bonus is that they are generally a more cost-effective solution, are easily transportable, and versatile.

We believe that these pop-up products are most effective when the right kind of visual material is presented as a background image. Our objectives are always to show company brands with the most powerful graphics in order to maximize communication and set the tone for engagement marketing. The message should be loud and proud to compensate for the lack of a built environment that would usually provide a controlled marketing space.

During the 90’s we were one of the first local companies to manufacture trade fair displays in South Africa and it is remarkable to see the longevity of some of these products still. Display products are also suitable for trade shows held in hotels or in-house company events. The ease of installation means that companies can set up the collateral themselves, which is convenient for short-term promotions.

We advise our clients to consider their trade show stands participation in South Africa. The frequency will determine whether it is better to hire or purchase modular displays. Sometimes the annual storage costs outweighs the purchase value and it is better to hire ad hoc. Another factor that determines the use of a portable display over a customized exhibit is the size of the allocated show space. If the area is larger, more display architecture will be required. Sometimes it is best suited to have a bespoke trade show stand in that case. XZIBIT MARKETING adds value to decision-making for marketing environment options through careful consideration and strategic advise on the best solution according to the brand’s needs.

Counters that serve as a point-of-contact for visitors to the exhibit often compliment banner stands. Size needs to be considered as available space may be challenging at the best of times. The counter should compliment the backdrop and

be visually appealing. People gravitate towards a beginning point within a space and often a worktop serves its purpose well. We take into consideration storage space for giveaways or brochures and incorporate it into the display area.

Furniture will also enhance the display stand and provide seating for meetings.

A simple table and chairs setting will suffice but must compliment the rest of the exhibition architecture. We also take product representation into account and provide styling services to contribute towards the overall aesthetics of the stand. Some show display systems can accommodate physical product displays providing a tangible option for guests to experience their features.

It is really important to consider who will be responsible for the transport and set up of the display stand. Although these products have many benefits, the logistics around an exhibition requires effort. If an in-house technical team is not available, it makes sense to contract an exhibition company like us to provide a turnkey service. We will assist with the design and display recommendations, graphic design and artwork concepts as well as an installation service. This means that you get to enjoy a walk on, walk off package with a professional exhibition company which enables you to focus on b2b marketing.

Project by : Arena Exhibits using Nimlok

Client : Divergent

6 May 2019
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