Place in the Sun brand of wines is produced by Zonnebloem winery in Stellenbosch and is Fairtrade accredited (for sustainability and justice in production and trade process). This means that communities are uplifted as farmers are paid for their fruit and funds are directed towards the social development of the wine-farm workers. Fairtrade farms are audited by FLO-CERT, which ensures transparency and reliability.

The brand is aimed at 25-45yrs young professional, male and female consumers and propositions great tasting wines inspired by happy hearts and 300days of African sun. The sun icon and brand essence of shining inspiration was our motivation for the design of the alluring environment for promotion at selective events.

The idea was that people could experience the brand in a distinctive way tasting the range of varietals and taking it easy ‘under the sun’. We suggested a 7m geodesic dome structure, essentially a network of circles contributing towards the overall theme of a sun enriched interior and exterior. Balau decking at a 15m radius served as a base at floor level with tasting counters and display plinths in the dome, finished in distressed wood. White leather, arc shaped furniture, globe lighting and warm, attractive textures created shadows for the almost planetary space. Consumers could enjoy an exhilarating experience with an amazing philanthropic bearing.

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