World AIDS Day is celebrated annually on 1 December around the world.The main objective of the day is to raise HIV/AIDS awareness, commemorate those who have passed on and celebrate victories.Sanlam supports World AIDS Day and in and effort to communicate their initiatives as well as to educate and raise awareness for staff, we partnered with the Sanlam Foundation to create an appropriate environment.

The customary blue corporate went red for the day, based on the WAD international campaign:Getting to Zero.The journey began with a large AIDS ribbon applied to both sides of the Sanlam signage monolith facing the main road.The trees in the parking lot were wrapped in bold red fabric symbolizing the campaign in an artistic way.Beautiful red roses were placed on the reception counter alongside the red fabric wrapped pillars of the building.

The existing water feature was the perfect place for floating candles which are lit to symbolize the remembrance of those who have passed on.Glass panels were flood coated with vinyl decals in solid red and campaign logos which looked stunning as the water dribbled over them.Branding of the campaign extended into other zones of the building especially the entrances.

A mix of posters, vinyl decals, banners and fabric wraps ensured that the message was strong.Staff members were greeted on arrival by our friendly activation team.The activators handed out small symbolic AIDS ribbons for wearing.Leaflets were also distributed and staff was invited to attend seminars in the auditorium during the day.The seminars were well attended and guest speakers presented AIDS related topics and thought provoking ideas.The foyer area became a hive of activity with staff enjoying smoothies, goodie bags and music entertainment by Nigel Pierce of Good Hope FM.

Based on the fact that art is becoming a popular medium for raising AIDS awareness and funding, we used this concept for an activation experience.A graphic of abstract hands including the Sanlam logo was printed onto stretch canvass and positioned onto an easel in the foyer area.Staff were invited to place their mark on the day by imprinting a thumb impression onto the artwork.People found this form of engagement a great means of contribution towards the message and the artwork now proudly stands in the Sanlam

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