The intention was to increase visitors to Mercedes-Benz dealerships in an attempt to drive vehicle sales and brand awareness. The revolutionary technology based proposal was the brainchild of a partnership between Network BBDO, Pixel Project and ourselves. The strategy included dealership specific digital installations; integrated nationwide content management and distribution systems and social media. The dealership specific installations meant that most of the applications would be digital and virtual and quite advanced for the South African motor industry. Visitors and potential buyers could benefit from a physical or remote experience of current and exciting information with Mercedes-Benz and their stunning vehicles. The campaign extended over digital platforms including: live video store maps; digital vehicle info stands; touch screen units; augmented reality tablets; freestanding projectors; after hours window projection; real time live webcam control; virtual test drives and OLED strips for twitter and other messaging media. The content management and distribution systems were designed to be unified allowing hardware and software to easily be monitored or scheduled. Social media was included in the proposal to build networks, communities and ultimately new opportunities. The extraordinary engagement concept represents the range of vehicles, provides product technical specifications and assists the potential buyer with the decision making process. Definitely a different kind of speed for Merc.

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